Why Women Are So Interested in What Celebrities Do to Look Good

This Blog is packed with thousands of pictures of celebrities’ secrets and tricks and everyday thousands of visitors come to SYDNEY4WOMEN searching for all different kind of pictures, gossips and info about beauty secrets of famous people.

Lindsay Lohan at Kim Kardashian's wedding

This is Lindsay Lohan at the Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Some celebrities love to be photographed and shoom it all! Others would prefer not to be seen. It most not be easy to be famous but we are making it harder for us by comparing our bodies to the ones of celebrities that get paid to look the way they do and they even get the money from the production companies to get the makeovers they have to go through.

To give you an idea these are the things that women around the world (not only in Sydney) want to see now:

Most of the women that you get to see walking on the streets do not have these body shapes.

Jessica Marais Boob Job (Brisbane)

Natalie Imbruglia Plastic Surgery (Israel)

Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery Queensland

Christina Aguilera Boobs

Sarah Jessica Parker Before Operation Bosnia

Natalie Bassinghthwaighte Pretty Face

Adriana Lima Before and After

Anne Hathaway Before and After Plastic Surgery

Sofia Vergara Before and After Breast Implants

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Before and After

Celebrities Boobs

Emmanuelle Chiquri Before and After Breast Augmentation

It is very high the demand of pictures of celebrities with boob operations.

Why do we want to see the size of celebrities breasts?

Is it that they dictate the way we should be?

We don’t have to be like celebrities, we don’t have wear the same bra size or have implants in order to be happy with ourselves!

I show you some of the pics that women like to see of their Hollywood stars:

Candice Swanepoel
Victoria Secret’s model shows her flat ab and perfect tan on this yellow bikini.

Amy Child
English Amy Child after weigth loss wants to get new boob job.

Christina Millan

Christina Millan was caught on the beach. I like the pics of celebrities that are not posing for special shootings so you can see their bodies are more like normal women bodies.

Why do you think so many women want to see what celebrities do to look pretty?

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