Women Have More Negative Body Image than Men

Realbuzz published an article that says that Women are up to 10 times more likely to have a negative body image than men. This is unsurprising when you consider how much emphasis is placed on the ‘thin is beautiful, and beautiful is good’ message in today’s media. In a study in which people were asked to rate how ‘nice’ a person was according to photographs, more negative adjectives (such as ‘lazy’ and ‘greedy’) were attributed to the less attractive and fatter subjects. Looks are everything in today’s society, and since few of us live up to (or, at least, believe that we live up to) society’s ideal, we are facing a international epidemic of bad body image.

How you feel about yourself is what counts

You can work at your body until every inch of it is toned, tanned, firm and fat-free.

But if you don’t truly believe that you look great, then it won’t count for much! Research has clearly demonstrated that women who meet the super-slim body ideal are just as likely to be unhappy about their looks as women who do not, which shows that it isn’t so much down to what your body looks like but how you feel about it that counts.

I wonder if all the pictures of celebrities with amazing bodies contribute to the negative body image that women have about themselves.

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