For Women there is not such a thing as a totally flat ab

The media puts so much pressure on us that has made us believe that we must have a fully flat stomach. I look after my diet, I exercise and I do Pilates more than I dare to say and my stomach doesn’t get flat. I want to think that it is because women are not meant to be totally flat in the abdomen area. Our body shapes tend to show a little bit of a tummy. Even among the most famous women with spectacular bodies we can observe this situation. Today I found some pictures of two gorgeous ladies that look amazing but if you observe them closely you can see that there is a bit of a tummy under those dresses.

So the question is: is there such a thing as a totally flat ab for women?

Carmen Electra looks gorgeous in this redish tight dress where she flaunts her great busty body shape. It came to my attention though that you can see a little bit of a tummy, it is because for women there is not such a thing as a flat ab.

Carmen Electra shows a little bit of tummy in a tight dress

all women wearing tight dresses show a little bit of tumy and Meagan Good shows how good she looks with this long dress. Meagan Good arrives at the InStyle Summer Soiree at Mondrian Los Angeles in West Hollywood, Calif.

Meagan Good shows curvy body and a little bit of tumm

We can see that the trend is to show off just one arm, both dresses of these two beautiful women follow the same pattern.

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