How to work hard to stay in shape

Lily Cooper at the BBC Radio One Studios, London, Britain - 19 Nov 2013. Get into a serious health-kick to be in shape.


Lily Allen is said to be on a “serious health-kick”.

The 28-year-old singer has been working hard to get into shape since becoming a mom to her second daughter Marnie last January, who she has with husband Sam Cooper.

In addition to reportedly joining a boot camp Lily has also focused on a healthy diet. By eating the right foods it seems the musician has become determined to keep up her good work.

“Lily increased her hour-long group workouts of cardio, press-ups and weights to up to three times a week. She’s on a serious health-kick and has cut out all carbs, sugar and dairy,” a source told British magazine Closer.

“She’s having eggs for breakfast and is sticking with protein, salads and lots of sushi, nuts and avocados for lunch and dinner.”

Lily has been flaunting her trim figure, posting snaps of her posing on her Instagram account. She is said to be thrilled with her new body and is pleased the effort has paid off.

“She know it seems like a U-turn, but she thinks women can look sexy at a [UK] size 12 or 8. She’s proud to be an 8 now because she’s got to that size in a healthy way.

“She’s not starving herself like before… Lily’s confident she’ll be able to keep the weight off with her busy schedule and healthy new outlook. She says she feels powerful when she looks in the mirror,” the source added.

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