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Diane Von Furstenberg's Journey Of A Dress Exhibition Opening Celebration - Red Carpet. André Leon Talley: I work hard

André Leon Talley has assured people he doesn’t just “sit there looking glamorous”.

The fashion star was formerly the editor-at-large of US Vogue before leaving the glossy publication and taking the helm at Russian Numéro magazine.

He’s opened up to talk show host Oprah Winfrey about his life in an episode that airs on Friday, and Fashionista obtained a snippet ahead of its release.

“I’ve done ten issues [of Numéro] already and I am proud of each and every issue,” he says in the clip.

“Life is not easy; don’t think that I am sitting here look glamorous and it’s easy. Life is a challenge. It has been a challenge to stay at the helm of whatever I represent as a fashion icon for people.

“The crystal stair wasn’t put in front of me and I glided up it, I absolutely struggled to maintain to get to the top.”

André’s move to the Russian publication was met with some criticism due to the country’s strict laws, which include anti-gay regulations.

Despite this, he explained his choice to take on the role.

“People are always saying to me, ‘Why are you working for these Russians?’ and I don’t think you can stereotype a whole nation just by the laws enacted,” he said.

“The Russians offered me such a whirlwind of money so I took the job because I felt it was gonna be wonderful financially and I need a change; I needed to challenge myself.”

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