Wrinkles on Famous Women on their 50s


Madonna (52) is probably the envy of many women on their 50s. There are rumors that she has gone through quite a few cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Of course if you have the amount of money that Madonna has for sure you would get treatments to look younger, don’t you think?

Maria Shriver

We have also another wealthy and famous woman on her fifties (55) Maria Shriver does have developed a lot of facial wrinkles: forehead, upper lips, eyelids and her skin looks old and sagging. Maybe this proves that stress accelerates ageing.

We have to accept age but we can do our best to look pretty and happy with ourselves.

Just the simple thing of applying a cream in your skin would not only help your face but your spirit since you are looking after yourself by having a beauty ritual.

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford is only 41 but her face looks so wrinkly that I thought she was on her 50s too.

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