Yoga Won’t Make You Lose Fat

I remember the other day when I asked a personal trainer if she believed that practicing yoga everyday would be good for me. I was advised that exercising everyday wasn’t good for me so I asked the expert. The PT who also teaches Body Balance (Les Mills) in the gym that I was attending back then told me:

“I don’t see any harm can be caused from practising yoga everyday but I have to tell you one thing: you won’t burn fat.”

Back then I went like what? What does she mean by that? I didn’t really wanted to lose weight or reshaping my body by attending the yoga classes. I just wanted to stay healthy and I really enjoyed it, I didn’t join the gym because I wanted to burn fat but after she pointed it out I started to learn more about it.

Now I belive that if yoga is what you like and what you are going to do is is far better than doing nothing. I do flow yoga and I do sweat so I believe some calories are burnt there but other people also say that yoga won’t burn the fat so you won’t lose weight. For me the answer then is doing more cardio. Today I found this story at Shape Magazine that shares how a lady feels about the weight loss results of yoga vs weight lifting.

Yoga Classes on TV: Yoga for Live

While yoga and walking have their benefits, weight training is what’s really helping change my body. During my sessions, my heart rate gets high, I work up a sweat, and I instantly feel my muscles doing what they are supposed to be doing—getting stronger.

It’s confusing because you see the bodies of most of the yoga instructors and they all look quite slim and their muscles look very toned but I wonder if that is all what they do. Many yoga practitioners love exercise and do also their cardio sessions.

The image above is a picture of Kurt Johnssen from Yoga for Life who broadcasts on tv yoga lessons that make you sweat.

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