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Chanel show, Haute Couture Autumn Winter, Paris Fashion Week, France - 21 Jan 2014. Live every day like it's your last

Cara Delevingne reportedly abides by the motto to “live every day like it’s your last”.

The 21-year-old beauty is regularly seen out at clubs and parties with fellow models and A-list celebrities.

Cara allegedly makes the most of what her career offers her, but also finds the time to reflecting on her success.

“Cara knows how to have fun. Her motto is to live every day like it’s her last, but that has landed her in sticky situations. She’s learning how to manage her life in the limelight,” a source told British magazine Look.

“Cara is having the time of her life and generally living it up, but that’s only the public side. If you see her behind the scenes, away from her many party mates, there’s a much more introspective side to her.”

Cara has been lucky enough to walk for several big labels, such as during Chanel’s Couture Fashion Week show earlier this week.

Although she is grateful for the support the blonde star is said to feel the pressure to impress, especially now she is trying to break into the movie business as well.

“She’s starting to worry about her future – where she’s going with her life and why. Of course, it’s lovely when people say you’re amazing. But most of them are strangers,” the source added.

“Cara frets about letting people down, especially those in the fashion industry who have helped her get to where she is today. But it’s the sacrifice she’s being forced to make to ensure her acting dreams come true.”

In order to achieve her goals Cara reportedly works constantly. Her hectic schedule is thought to be having a negative effect on her, but she still carries on.

“She’s a girl of extremes,” her friend explained. “She’ll work a 24-hour day, then party all night. It takes a toll and she’s struggling to figure out how to juggle it. She’s got some big choices to make. Of course she has tearful days – it’s natural.”


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