Young Face? Not Any Longer at 44 & Kylie Minogue is Scared

Kylie Minogue poses for a set of pictures looking albino-like with a sleek platinum hairdo and made her confession about being scared of not being young any longer to Elle Magazine.

The 5ft star who is famous for her love of hot pants also admits that she frequently forgets that she is no longer young.

There are lots of times I look in the mirror and I see that gravity has taken hold. Or suddenly see my face on a phone or on Skype and it’s like a Spielberg special effect and you just scream, “Who is that?”.’

She says: ‘Sometimes I forget (I am 44) and I think, “I must get those hot pants out of retirement.”
‘And then some mornings I look in the mirror and I see 94 not 44. That is the reality before the make-up. And midriff tops are definitely out for good.’

About age:

‘You look up and 25 years have gone past and I sit there and think, “but I am supposed to be a one-hit wonder”.

About cosmetic surgery

But speaking to the fashion bible, Kylie admits that although she has never resorted to surgery but she wouldn’t rule it out. Miss Minogue who has accepted her Botox beauty secrets and has shown in the past that she doesn’t have any scars of a facelift.

A couple of years ago the Australian Singer confessed that her antiageing secret was a Pond’s cream and the sales of that product increased (we don’t really know if she was promoting the popular cream).

‘I am not against surgery, I haven’t gone down that route yet, I don’t know whether I will but I am not against it. The only time it isn’t amazing is when it’s not done well or someone takes it too far.

Beauty inspiration

And the Australian-born singer who once had breast cancer admits that she is inspired by the 74-year-old Hollywood star, Jane Fonda.

She says: ‘I look at someone like Jane Fonda. I am a super-fan of hers. She doesn’t apologise (about her surgery) and she shouldn’t have to. We put make-up on every day, we tint, pluck, wax, we do anything to make ourselves look as good as we can and I think it’s pointless being hypocritical about something that if it’s done well can be really good’.

About breast cancer

‘ Women come up to me in the street and just start talking to me about what they are going through, how they are on tamoxifen (a cancer treatment drug) and its making them feel terrible. I’ll tell them there were times I cried to my doctor begging to come off it, but I did it, I went through it.
‘I am still here, I am still working. I just stand there and hug them. I hug them because we both know what they are feeling. I feel very close to every one of them and I think they do to me, it’s not about anything else but what we’ve all been through’.

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