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We’re constantly being reminded that sugar is the root of all nutritional evil. But from a beauty perspective, sugar is nothing but sweet.

Firstly, it’s is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that penetrates the skin and breaks down the ‘glue’ that bonds the cells.

This encourages cell turnover, which then generates fresher, younger-looking skin.

Secondly, sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they’ll actually help hydrate your skin and keep moisture within.

Meanwhile, the small particles of sugar make an excellent topical exfoliant, which explains the popularity of sugar scrubs – which have a few benefits over salt scrubs.

For one, small sugar granules are generally gentler than salt, which can cause microscopic tears in the skin. Secondly, because of sugar’s natural humectant properties, these scrubs are more hydrating than salt scrubs, which can strip skin of natural oils.

So what’s the difference with using brown sugar as opposed to white?

Brown sugar is gentler, making it ideal for super-sensitive skin.

The benefits of a brown sugar scrub extend not just to the body, but also the scalp. Many women with highly sensitive, dandruff-prone scalps find that using a brown sugar scrub prior to washing or treating, results in healthier, happier hair.

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