Younger & Slimmer: Kendall Jenner Goes Vogue at 17

Kendall Jenner covers Miss Vogue’s Australia at only 17. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s little sister has got all what Vogue likes. She is skinny, famous, young and exotic.

Kim has accepted to be jealous of her sister. Curvy Kim had to wait many more years to be in the cover of such a maga.

Kim’s little sister looks extremely feminine and sophisticated styled by Romy Frydman and lensed by photographer Russell James.

Things she talked about with Miss Vogue

Her Most Memorable Moment
On her most memorable moment while modelling, Kendall revealed that, “My most memorable moment was shooting for Miss Vogue today. And shooting Teen Vogue was pretty cool, actually.”

Make Up Favs

“My favourite make-up product is Lancôme mascara – got to have it. Armani foundation is pretty amazing, and all of Chanel’s make-up and beauty products are amazing.”

Beauty Tips from Older Sisters

She also told the magazine that she learned a few tips from her sisters. “My sisters taught me to use eye creams, because it’s going to prevent what’s going to happen in the future. And also to moisturise regularly and use sunscreen,” Kendall said in the interview with Miss Vogue Australia.

About Australia

“I’m here in Australia with my mum and Russell James for his Nomad Two Worlds collaboration. We’ve only been in our hotel room, really, but next time I’m back I’d like to do more,” she explained.

Still, she admits that her sister, Kim, who was in Australia earlier, told her that she hardly waits to come back. “Kim told me that she loved Australia and couldn’t wait to come back. She also couldn’t stop talking about Tim Tams! I have a few friends who live out here and they were giving me lists of where to go, what to eat and what to buy,” Kendall says.

Check out Kim VS Kendall

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