Youthful Hands

Get riddle of skin spots and wrinkles on your hands.


Forget frown lines and crow’s feet, women are now seeking cosmetic surgery to banish signs of ageing on their hands.

Cosmetic surgery clinics have reported an 18 per cent increase in enquiries from people interested in having youth-boosting procedures on their mitts.

And it’s a fact that doesn’t surprise top cosmetic surgeon Dr Alex Karidis.

“Wrinkled hands can really give away a woman’s age,” he says.

“Often riddled with age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation due to over-exposure of the sun, hands can look tired, sunken and leathery with age.”

But what is the best way to tackle aging hands? Should we just slather on a nourishing hand cream and hope for the best – or seek a cosmetic solution instead?

A chemical peel could hold the best solution, says Dr Karidis.

Applied to the top of the hand where sun exposure has taken its toll and where age spots seem to cluster, a peel gradually lifts the pigmented areas, leaving youthful supple skin beneath.

“We then use a laser, either the V-Beam or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, which helps to firm and tighten the skin, boost collagen and also reduces the appearance of any discolouration and fine lines,” explains Dr Karidis

“Finally we inject the liquid hyaluronic acid that hydrates and therefore plumps up the skin giving your hand a much more youthful, wrinkle free look.”

Three treatments of the combination are recommended, one every three weeks to give the pigmentation the chance to lift and the collagen to be stimulated.

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