Zappos Couture as a “new experiment”

André Leon Talley looked at his job at Zappos Couture as a “new experiment”.

The style star was named artistic director of the online retailer last December. Prior to this he had been the editor-at-large of Vogue magazine before leaving his position and gaining the same title at Russian version of Numéro magazine.

Yesterday Zappos Couture unveiled their new redesigned website, with André being the centrepiece of the homepage. New features that can be seen on the site will include Dude of the Month, with André’s close friend Marc Jacobs being the first, and book recommendations.

André is thrilled to be a part of a growing company and believes the internet is a big part of the industry in this day and age.

“I took the job because I felt that this was a new experiment that I needed to have going toward the future because digital and online is so important in today’s world,” he told

Customers have a year to return items purchased via the website, with pieces such as a white Calvin Klein dress costing $2,050 and a $50 pair of Chucks shoes.

The site has been up and running since 2004 but hasn’t always been able to attract popular designers to offer their clothes.

“It’s definitely been a slow process, for sure,” said Jennifer Sidary, head of Zappos Couture. “André and his team didn’t even know that we had a couture site because it’s still kind of a well-kept secret among customers and brands.”

However, since André has got involved more big names have as well, such as Oscar de la Renta. He has offered to sell jewellery and handbags on the website.

André hopes customers will have the same reaction to pieces as he does when browsing.

“I was looking at shoes at the store I just left today, and I didn’t think, ‘Oh, those shoes I like’. I thought, ‘Will that customer respond to that shoe in a picture on their computer?’ ” he added.

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