Refer to Military References

Pitti demonstrated what it meant for a soldier to continue fighting despite the flood of army silhouettes and khaki that flooded the Florentine streets. Need more inspiration? For more inspiration, think Tom Cruise in Top Gun. This trend can be worn daily with great khaki coats, or you could experiment with a deep emerald-soldier jumpsuit to make it more eye-catching. The best style tip we have is not to be afraid to use colour. Combine your green with bright whites and bright cobalt for a more dimensional look.


It was no surprise that stripes were a Pitti Uomo staple. It was obvious that the Pitti Uomo essential, which is a combination of pinstripes, wide stripes, and mixed stripes, would be a constant at Pitti Uomo. However, stripes were the most popular colour, with blue and navy versions taking the top spot. While stripes will be a popular choice for casual wear, they are also a great option for corporate wear. For business attire, keep them subtle by choosing understated versions.


This extension of the military trend featured on Florentine invitees is a call to duty. Khaki wasn’t the only colour camo featured, with attendees rocking camo in attention-grabbing bright blues. Camo is reminiscent of the early noughties. It needs to be done correctly for a modern style story. Camo pants, jackets and shirts in camo print are a great way to channel your inner teenager. However, you can keep your body fit young for more versatility for casual weekend looks.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses will be big news at Pitti Uomo, and why shouldn’t they? Round sunnies, the eyewear solution to the Twenties look, are flattering for all face shapes and will remain timeless. For a modern take on an old favourite, try experimenting with different lenses colours. For everyday use, the best options are Tortoiseshell or light browns.

Natural Tones

Pitti saw a return to natural tones in subtle beige, light tans, and dusty ambers. These colours were prominently used in tailoring. Pitti attendees wore a traditional suit with a tailored jacket in lighter, more wearable beige shades. Try linen suits in natural tones and pay close attention to your buttons to create your interpretation of this trend. For a great complement to your palette, buttons are important. However, natural-toned pieces with gold details are a good choice.

Floral Prints

Flowers can be badass, believe it or not. We were also taught by the street stars of Pitti that florals don’t have to be reserved for girls. This was evident in their rockstar renditions of florals in various clothing pieces. Although you might have expected flowers to be featured on suits, shirts, and other pieces, they were not as obvious as you thought. Geometric florals were disguised in suits, but not so subtly. Bolder images of flowers worked well as statement pieces in jumpsuits or button-downs. You can embrace the floral trend by using unexpected accessories. A statement pocket square with a great colour can make an old suit look new again.


Pitti Uomo has rediscovered the trend for bandanas. Bandanas are great for adding colour to the most basic palettes. They can be used as Scout-worthy neckerchiefs, fun armbands, or even forehead bands. You can pair a bandana neckerchief and a stylish suit or sweater with the trend, or go casual with a simple black t-shirt and jeans. Look for unusual prints and colours to make bandanas seem more modern.

Boho Accessories

Pitti showed us that you don’t have to wear expensive wristwear to impress. Instead, simple boho-inspired bracelets or necklaces were the main focus. Wearable wooden pieces were the hottest trend, giving us a sense of a campfire with marshmallows and singing Kumbaya. This trend can be channelled with folk-inspired clothing options. For a modern look, chambray shirts that are loosely fitted will be paired with great-fitting denim.


The guests were not afraid to use bold statements and slogans in their fashion declarations. Slogan pieces are a must-have for street style enthusiasts. They are visually striking and catch the eye. Although the colour is always a good way to make your message pop, the slogan trend in black and white is subtle and easily identifiable.


For Pitti’s street muses, the most popular accessories and vests were fluorescent and candescent. While glowing orange and highlighter yellow were the most popular neon colours, we also saw a lot of technicolour saturation as people embraced bolder, more vibrant colours. This trend can be adapted for casual looks by adding neon accents such as scarves, sunglasses, and watches. For more serious occasions, you can use subtle neon hints in socks, ties, and pocket squares.