The most fashionable women from around the globe showed us how to do it, from New York to London to Milan to Paris. We were filled with inspiration and sartorial ideas. The clothes are the most important thing, but the accessories make an outfit stand out. The Spring/Summer 2022 show season featured various accessories, including practical chic belt bags, furry shoes, and vintage specs. To help you style your outfits this season, we’ve compiled the top accessory trends of the month.

Belt Bags

Street style is at its best when it’s unexpected and cool. A few people made a bold change this season while everyone else carried their bags around on their shoulders. They took a break from the norm and wore their bags around their waists. Belt bags look chic and practical, whether they are worn through the pants loops or tucked over a shirt. These bags look almost like fashionable tool belts. They have a clean, utilitarian appearance while still being feminine and beautiful. This new breed of belt bags is far from your polyester fanny pack.

Boyfriend watches

Fashion has always been a favourite of women borrowing clothes from their boyfriends, shirts or jeans. It’s all about giving a feminine look a unique edge by adding a masculine twist. The watch is the best item to steal from your man’s wardrobe this season. You can search his collection to find the perfect one. It would be best to look for a timeless style in gold or silver with a traditional round face. The watch must be large and masculine but not too bulky. You can also get one for yourself to make sure you don’t look sloppy when he wears his watch. Be careful, or he might steal your watch!

Furry Feet

Show-goers walked from one venue to the next in comfort and style as they walked between venues for the S/S ’17 runways. Street style stars opted for something more comfortable instead of wearing high heels. They wore slippers or slides, but their feet were covered in luxurious fur. Furry shoes were a great addition to the pyjama fashion trend. They create a relaxed, lounge-like atmosphere. These unique shoes make a great addition to any outfit. They can be worn with either pyjama-style or casual wear like jeans. You can add a pair to your wardrobe right away if you need to bring the comforts of home along with you wherever you go.

Chunky Statement Earrings

A complete outfit is incomplete without some jewellery. Although minimal and understated jewellery has been the trend for some time, this season saw the return to the street style of bolder styles. Statement earrings were a big hit this season, adorning many members of the fash pack’s ears. Statement earrings came in various styles, from large stacked pearls to huge red chains to match their matching outfits. Simple, sleek outfits were paired well with elegant gold earrings. Modern garment designs were matched up with modern and unique ones. Statement earrings can be all that’s needed to complete any outfit this season. Make sure that they are chunky and unmissable.

Golden Shoes

This fashion month, gold was the winning colour for footwear. The metallic hue was seen on sneakers, boots, loafers, and heels as they walked the streets of New York and Paris. Gold shoes were bold yet neutral in appearance and looked great paired with casual and statement styles. Gold shoes look great with any outfit, whether paired with jeans, jumpsuits, or feminine, floral dresses. This trend isn’t as frightening as it seems. So, get out of your routine of black pumps and try gold shoes. These shoes are unique, cool, and shine in the sun.