You can relax and express your creativity through embroidery. These are our top tips to help you avoid getting into a tangle while stitching and increase your confidence.

Stand to help you free your hands

An Embroidery Hoop Stand can free up your hands to help you work on more difficult stitches like French knots. This “third arm” allows you to work longer and more comfortably while relieving tired or cramped hands.

The Embroidery Huoop Stand is flexible and can hold any embroidery hoop or tapestry frame of up to 12″. Place your hoop on the stand and slide the base underneath your leg to keep it stable. Then, start stitching.

To stop knots from forming and protect your thread, use thread gloss

You are not the only one suffering from static, knotted or tangled threads when hand-sewing. Thread gloss is the solution. Thread your needle and place the threads closest to the needle on the thread gloss. Apply light pressure with your thumb to the thread to give the thread a uniform coating. You should only need to pull the threads a few times. Start stitching by knotting your threads!

Use thread that is too long for your work.

This is a common mistake. You think threading your needle with long threads will save time. But you run the risk getting into tangles. It will be easier to stitch if you keep your thread lengths between 30cm and 50cm.

Your fabric should be taught in the hoop

Fabric should be tightened to the drum. Your stitches could become uneven and distorted if they aren’t. To keep your stitches neat and tidy, ensure it’s properly taught. Please do not pull the edges of fabric to make it centre-tight. This will distort the fabric grain. To achieve the desired tension, loosen the screw and adjust the tension.

Good light is essential

Lighting is crucial, especially in winter and evenings. A daylight lamp is a great way to keep your eyes clear and allow you to continue stitching until your heart’s content!

Be comfortable

It’s your time, so ensure you have enough water and snacks to last the embroidery’s duration. To avoid getting distracted, it’s a good idea not to use your phone and give yourself some time away from all the notifications.

Finally, get a starter kit

Our Embroidery Kits are perfect for beginners or those who have been stitching before. These kits will provide you with everything you need to master the art of brisbane embroidery. They include our ‘Guide to Embroidery booklet that provides step-by-step instructions on 15 stitches. You will only need sharp scissors and refreshments. ).

Have fun stitching!