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Over her career of two decades, Susan Moses has portrayed everyone from BritneySpears to Queen Latifah. She’s also learned quite a lot. Ok, it’s more like a book’s worth. This is fitting, pardon the pun. In 2016, Moses published The art of dressing curvesGlamour talked to Moses about the style tips women who have curves -whether they are plus-sized or not -about getting dressed.

Here are her top eight style suggestions for curvy ladies:

You want to strike the right balance between too fitted and too loose. You shouldn’t be able to see the undergarments or any lines through the dress. That’s when it’s too tight!

Everyone should have a collection of shapewear. Moses says. Every woman can use a little bit more support, cinching and smoothing. Smoothing the hips and stomach can help you look more polished and refined in your clothes. A body shorter is the number one piece women need.

 Leggings should not be worn as pants. Leggings should not be worn as pants. Leggings are intended to be worn under clothing. They are often sold in pairs with accessories and hosiery at department stores. Tip: Instead, get a pair of skinny jeans!

If you are unsure, a pencil skirt is the best choice. It elongates your curves, and provides good balance.

Moses says that shoes are essential to any outfit. Avoid straps at the ankles, as they can make your legs appear shorter. The classic pump in neutral color will create the best line and look longer.

 Do not be afraid to shop for the essentials, regardless of how much you weigh. It is important to look and feel your best in clothes that fit.

You should always carry the right size bag. Too small is bad! A medium-sized structured tote is what I prefer for day. If you can’t see your bag behind your hands at night, the bag is too small.

You can tailor your clothes. There is no substitute. Many boutiques and department stores offer tailoring services. It can make all the difference between great and terrible clothes.