Boho wedding dresses Australia

Do you feel free-spirited? If so, you might be a free-spirited bride who loves the Boho-chic look of your wedding dress.

Organic linens, earthy details, and a variety of floral centrepieces and greenery installations can transform a traditional reception into a bohemian wedding. For starters, agates and geodes never fail to create a magical indie feel, thanks largely to their rich jewel tones.

What is boho style wedding?

Boho weddings result from the bohemian era in the 1960s, when everything was easy-going, flowing, and laid-back.

You don’t have to be a perfect bride if you are afraid of being forced into a certain number on your wedding day.

Boho wedding gowns are loose and flowy with no corset or itchy underneath. These gowns can be worn at the beach, the festival, or at a rustic wedding. They are elegant, timeless, and feature nods to nature, such as flowers, birds, and butterfly motifs. The Boho style of wedding dress is for you if you want to feel comfortable and authentic on your big day and connect with nature.

“Boho wedding gowns are loose and flowy with no corset or itchy underneath skirt in view.”

What is Boho style?

Boho style is about freedom. Boho wedding gowns are effortless. These dresses are elegant and romantic. Boho style lacks fuss. Boho style embraces nature with intricate embroidery, earthy fabrics and intricate embroidery.

Think gipsy off the shoulder charm with lace and billowing sleeves. Unstructured design, effortless comfort and frosted hems are part of the Boho style. Boho fashion is about letting your soul be free and feeling naturally beautiful.

The Boho wedding dress is defined by its billowing sleeves, intricate embroidery and earthy fabrics. It also features fringed hems, off the shoulder necklines, simple simplicity, and fringed hems.

Top Boho wedding dress designers

Many wedding dress designers have made a name for themselves in this Boho market. 

These are the top:

Grace Loves Lace, a cult Australian brand, recently moved to the UK. The brand is defined by gipsy sleeves, natural beauty and French lace.

Katya Shehurina, a UK-based designer, created Katya Katya. She specializes in simple, unfussy wedding dresses, including long-sleeved options that are perfect for winter weddings.

Temperley London by Alice Temperley focuses on intricate details and simple elegance. Jaws fell last year when their floral-embroidered Bibi wedding dress was posted on Instagram. It’s no surprise. You may want to indulge if you have the budget.

The needle is well-known for its multicoloured embroidered gowns. The range of styles available is affordable and beautiful.

These dresses are Boho, with a capital B, and feature tasselled trims, jewelled embroidery, and dip-dyed hems.

How do you accessorize the Boho style wedding?

Boho brides pair their gowns with flower crowns and headpieces. She entwines flowers into her hair with vine-inspired hair clips.

Her bouquet is made from wildflowers, and her shoes carry on the floral theme. The delicate jewellery is embellished with natural stone and pearls. It is about creating a view around the elements of freedom and nature.