Doc Martens with Dress

These boots are the most iconic and rugged pair of boots. It’s Dr Martens also known as Docs and DMs. They are durable and will give you an instant boost in self-esteem.

You might be curious if Dr. Martens are still fashionable this year .

This is rock and roll legend written by a real doctor.

We’ll also be looking at Dr. Martens classic styles and new boots, and how to match them to your outfit in different seasons and situations.

The Brand’s History

A pair of Dr. Martens is a common sight. People immediately think of Britain, Brit-rock, and punk youth gangs when they see them. This story began somewhere else, and you are correct.

Dr. Martens was born Germany. Klaus Martens was a military doctor who needed better boots after a skiing accident.

He found his military shoes too stiff and uncomfortable, so he used his cobbler’s knowledge and some leather leftover to create his own air-cushioned boot.

It was 1945, and Klaus presented his invention two years later to Herbert Funck, an old friend. They started a business together using discarded rubber.

You will be surprised to learn that their first clients were elderly women.

The sales were great so Martens & Funck set out to expand their venture abroad by advertising their boots in magazines.

The advert led to the meeting of the British manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. This was a pivotal moment in the evolution of Dr. Martens’ footwear, as we now know it and appreciate it.

The Griggs were shoe-makers and have been on the market since 1901. The patent was acquired by the Griggs family to make the boots in England. They anglicized the name as “Dr. Martens and retouched both the upper and sole designs, as well as the heel, to give the boots a more refined look.

Griggs promoted the sole with the “Airwair” trademark, and added a signature ribbon loop as well as the iconic yellow stitching to the welt.

Are Dr Martens Still in Fashion?

Dr. Martens has worn boots for more than three generations and still wears celebs, musicians, and ordinary people.

Its high quality is a guarantee. However, its unique style is an exception. These are the reasons Docs are so sought-after by so many.

One year after the launch, , the original 1460, was followed by the 1461. Today, the English brand adopted has a large range of sandals and shoes with quirky takes on the iconic styles.

2.1 White Doc Martens are in Fashion

Dr. Martens 1460 and 1461 platforms, sandals, and mono boots are available in purewhite leather, which stands out against the yellow stitching and rubber.

White Docs can be seen often in street-style looks worn by IG influencers, daily fashionistas, and celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Gigi Hailey Baldwin.

These shoes require extra care, but are white Docs still in fashion? They are definitely for daring people, but they do work!

2.2 Are Doc Martens 1460 in Style?

Dr. Martens 1460 was the origin of everyday fashion. They are loved by celebrities because of their ability to wear the most basic of outfits.

Gigi and Bella Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani Miley Cyrus, and others.

These Docs are not restricted in age, and even Susan Sarandon wore one in a unique metallic peridot color.

Your Dr. is available for every occasion, no matter what time it is. Martens 1460.

2.3 Are Platform Dr Martens In Style?

Dr. Martens Platforms will elevate your style by adding inches to your legs!

You can also spot everyone here wearing platforms, but they are riding the wave of success on social media thanks to many fashion lovers and influencers.

This upgrade includes 14601461, but also Chelsea Boots and monochrome shoes and gladiators.

2.4 Dr Martens Chelsea Boots In Style

Chelsea Boots have a timeless appeal with a “preppy” feel. They will be timeless thanks to their ease and casual wear.

This style is however the most popular in Dr. Martens’ catalog and VIPs’ outfits.

Are Dr Martens good for spring / summer?

Boots are probably not your first choice in springtime or summer. This would be a common sentiment, but Dr. Martens is able to work in any weather condition, including the British Summer.

Docs are designed to protect your feet from dirt and sudden rain, while keeping them dry and comfortable.

These are great for those spring days when the sky is grey and it rains.

Ankle-high Dr. Martens can be worn to participate in outdoor events and for walking in parks. They protect your skin against insect bites, itching grass, and other harmful elements.

Music festivals and Docs sound like a perfect match. We will show you how to rock them!

Are Dr Martens good for fall and winter?

It is common to combine Dr. Martens with F/W outfits. Natural leather is not as good as natural leather in heavy rain, even though Docs can withstand any hostile conditions.

While a little snow or drizzle isn’t a problem, Dr. Martens can’t resist a good shower because leather absorbs water.

Warm socks are recommended for Fall and Winter, along with a spare change.

To increase leather’s resistance, you can apply a waterproof wax to the leather. Extreme cold can make the rubber sole feel more stiff and may cause your feet to feel colder.

How to style Dr Martens?

We want to make your life easier by sharing our style tips and suggestions based on season and occasion so you can put together the perfect outfit with your Dr. Martens 1460, and what you already have in your closet.

5.1 Summer / Spring

You can be sure that everyone will notice you wearing your Dr. Martens, even if there is no dress code at your school or workplace.

You can dress up a formal Spring/Summer look by wearing a blazer, a long t shirt or neutral silky top with your Docs and trousers. This look is a great way to add some style to your boots!

You can dress up your casual day look with a jacket, loose cardigan or jacket, or you can start over with cargo jeans or denim jeans, a leather jacket, parka or jacket.

5.2 Winter / Fall

Your work outfit with the legendary Docs is fine for the cold season. You can simply update your fabrics to add warmth and comfort.

You can wear Dr. Martens at school, college, and uni with a sporty set such as joggers, distressed jeans, fluffy jumpers, and a hoodie.

A combination of slim denim and a sweater makes for a great daytime outfit. But you can also combine your Docs with bulkier assembles in acid wash or pastel drip.