This guide will focus on your physical appearance and offer tips and advice about school behaviour. If she puts her efforts into achieving her goals, a smart girl can take the world by storm. This article assumes you already know that you are a smart girl. However, you can learn more about making your intelligence shine by becoming a smarter girl, even by looking at your body.

Imagine yourself as the “smart” girl. 

Take a look at other smart girls. What do you love about them? What are you most disappointed with? Before you decide to change, list the pros and cons.

Medium-length hair is considered intelligent. 

You can either neatly braid your hair, let it go natural, or wear it in a neat bun. You can keep your hair longer if you prefer, but you need to ensure it neat. It should not take too much time to maintain, no matter your style preference. Spend more time learning than standing in front of the mirror. You should keep your hair natural and not use any dye or other hair products. You can also use a small leather headband.

Look smart

You can also wear navy blue, brown, and plaids, but not every day. Avoid flashy clothing and trends. Be modest. Do not show too much skin.

Makeup should be simple and not overdone. Try to imitate the look of women of similar stature. Take inspiration from websites that focus on makeup for working women and use it only. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup, there’s no need to. Avoid excessive piercings.

If you need glasses, wear them. Could you make sure they are clean? Extraordinary frames are best. Don’t be too fussy if you don’t use them.

Keep these items in your bag: 

A practical backpack that isn’t too big, a book to read, an email list to keep your friends’ numbers, notebooks for all your needs, school papers, pencils with good erasers and good eraser caps, as well as a planner/study/day planner.

Impress your teachers by studying hard and striving to improve your grades. Ask your teachers for suggestions on how you can earn extra credit. High school teachers will make recommendations for you about college. Keep this in mind. Be a “doer” at school. This could mean winning the science fair, running for office, or organizing the school dance. Good articles can be written for the school newspaper.

Display enthusiasm regarding school. 

Many teenagers have a negative attitude or pretend to be bored with high school. HTML3_ They believe it is cool to be indifferent. Do the opposite. Why waste your time if you don’t enjoy school? Learn because you are there.

Create a “homework space” at home. 

Include a desk, a desk light, and a desk lamp. Respect the privacy of your family members and insist on quiet. You can also study at the library if it is too noisy at home. It will help you in school and your daily life; organizing and creating lists can help you in all aspects of your schoolwork.

Your principal can permit you to start a school project. It will make you a better person.

Get as active as possible. This will help you to be more focused and relaxed. Protein sources include egg whites, chicken, tuna fish and power bars. You can join a team sport such as soccer, or another one you like. Enjoy it, and get good at it. For at least two weeks, attend summer sports camps. To improve your endurance, jog slowly and build up to 5 km (3 miles) per day. To strengthen your legs, you should also run stairs. You will feel amazing about yourself and how thin you’ll stay or get. A gym is a great place to build strength and confidence.

Look for smart women to be your role model.

Setting goals. It is easier to accomplish things if you are clear about what you want.

It would be best to work hard to get into a top college. College admissions will look at your High School transcripts (grades, SAT scores), teacher/counsellor recommendations, and your essays about yourself. When you’re a senior, finish college applications.

Expand your interests. Find interesting things to do when you’re alone or with close friends. Choose a hobby, a sport or a craft that you are passionate about.

Time management will give you more time for fun. Find out where you’re wasting too much time and make a plan to fix it.

Learn to be calm and steady. It would be best if you always were calm and collected. Insecurity, gossiping, and giggling can make you look foolish. You can practice being calm under pressure and comfortable in many settings.

Keep your stationery handy during lessons. Get your planner out and your pencil case out. Ready to learn? Get your ruler, pen/pencil and out!

Answer questions three times per day, not by being picked by volunteers. This could mean you get the marks you need to go from a B- to an A.