Although Fashion Month may be over, street style inspirations from the past few weeks are still plentiful. We scoured the streets of New York and Milan to find the most popular looks and trends for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. What’s the latest? Bold prints and vibrant reds will make your wardrobe pop with style. You’ll look chic while also feeling comfortable in your pyjama dress. The sleeves will be longer, the shoulders will be exposed, the pants will have foot straps, and the skirts will be pleated or patent. Ruffles and other unexpected layers will add the final touches to your look. We don’t think so. You can see for yourself!

Read All Over

As they attended the S/S’22 shows, street style stars were all in red. This season, red was the hot colour with rich crimson hues and bright fire engine colours. Red was bold and irresistible for many women who attended the show. Red shoes were even added to the mix by some ladies! It didn’t matter if the colour was worn in a dress or coordinating separates; its rich tone made it stand out for any outfit. To make room for the saturation of colour, shoes, makeup, sunglasses, and jewellery was kept in check. To keep red-clad ladies looking stylish, the silhouettes of their clothes were loose and long.

Pyjama Rama

The pyjama fashion trend spotted in the streets at the men’s S/S 2022 show season is back for women’s fashion month. This trend has seen some of the chicest and silky PJs ever. You won’t find cartoon-covered, flannelette pyjamas here. However, there will be many satins, wide-leg pants, shirts, silk slip dresses, and silk robes. Delicate botanical prints enhance this trend. Traditional pyjama-style pipe and lace add the finishing touches. For the ultimate daytime eveningwear, wear pieces together or combine them with casual basics to bring down the trend. Add some fur slides to complete the luxe lounge look.

Unexpected Layering

Layering is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of styling. Although layering is not an easy skill to master, it can transform your style. Layering gives life to simple pieces and transforms your style from good to great. Although minimalism is still a fashion trend, the best-dressed award for this season goes to those who have mastered layering. The trend went beyond the classic white t-shirt and slipdress combination this season. Instead of sticking with one style, it was all about unexpected partners and pairings. To make a statement, statement shirts and dresses were combined with sweat pants and trousers. This was an unexpected but brilliant look that won the hearts of many.

Bottoms in Patent Leather

Although patent leather is often seen as more wild, it was a great choice for bottoms this season. This edgy material looked stylish and fresh in miniskirts and pants on the streets of Paris, Milan, and New York. Patent leather bottoms looked modern and trendy when paired with loose-fitting tops, oversized jackets and casual outerwear. This trend can work on your streets by focusing on the silhouette. Look for pieces that are comfortable but not too tight. Give yourself some room when you want to transform your patent leather from sloppy to chic!

The Cold Shoulder

Street style stars were all about showing their shoulders this season. Fashionistas wore cold shoulder tops throughout major fashion centres, exposing their arms to the elements. These style icons knew it was all about the shoulders, whether they were wearing plain tops, statement dresses, sequins, or knitwear. This feminine look is a great addition to your wardrobe. Be sure to use the SPF and avoid awkward summer tan lines!