It’s easy for summer to feel like it’s almost here. We can’t wait to spend long days at the beach, lounging on the sand and playing in the water. As we move about in our swimwear, the sun will feel good on our skins. Wait a minute! You didn’t plan on wearing the same old bikinis this summer, did you? This summer, not so! These sexy new styles are the perfect way to spice up your summer swimwear collection. This season, it’s all about showing off your skin. If you prefer more subtle styles, don’t fret. You can go for sexy with high-waisted bottoms or retro-style pin-ups, or opt for a sporty style with crop tops, zip-ups, and a sleek, chic look. Here’s how.

Swimwear in One-Piece with High-Rise

It’s possible that it’s part of the ’90s revival or inspired by the film adaptation, but Baywatch-style swimwear has returned. The super-high, high-leg-rise one-piece suits are back and look even sexier. This style of swimwear is a favourite among the Kardashian-Jenner family. It emphasizes your curves. Look out for simple, classic colours and block patterns when shopping for one-piece swimsuits with high-rise. This will allow your swimsuit’s unique shape and cut to shine through without overshadowing other details.

High-Waisted Bottoms Swimwear

It’s all about fashion this season. A high-waisted bikini is a great alternative to a high rise swimsuit. High-waisted bikini pants are simple, adorable, and have a vintage, light feel. High-waisted bottoms are ideal for women with “column” or straight bodies. They add definition to the waist and create curves at your hips. This “hourglass” effect can also be achieved by choosing a horizontal strip style. Wear your high-waisted bottoms with a simple triangle top to keep them looking modern. If you prefer a vintage look, go for structured or halter-neck styles.

Retro Swimwear

Retro swimwear is in fashion right now, just like the high-waisted bikini bottoms from the 1950s. Retro swimwear is elegant and seductive, reminiscent of pin-up girls in the fifties. Retro styles are chic and cheeky. They’re fun to wear. Look out for classic styles such as the halter-neck and bustier tops when shopping for retro swimwear. A retro-style print can make your look complete. The perfect option for polka dots is a combination of black and red or navy. They look great!

Swimwear with a deep V-Neck

A classic neckline with a deep, sexy V neckline is the best way to show your skin. This style can be intimidating, especially when worn in a dress or top. The beach or pool are safe places to experiment with the trend. We are all used to seeing more skin in our swimsuits. A deep V-neck cut can still look amazing, no matter how big or small your bust is, provided it fits correctly. This style is best suited for halter-neck swimwear but can also be worn with regular straps. This look can be achieved in any style, but it is worth paying attention to the extra-low back.

Wrap-Around Tops Swimwear

This summer, simple bikinis won’t do the trick. You’ll need special swimwear to keep cool and not get too hot on the beach. Wrap-around bikini tops are a style we love at the moment. This chic swimsuit has a distinctive point of distinction that we love. The straps wrap around the body from the ribs creating graphic skin flashes. Some wrap-around only once for a striking effect, while others wrap around multiple times. This modern style is especially great when it’s black or in dual-toned styles where the straps match the cups. You can also get matching wrap-around bottoms if you feel daring!