The Street Style for Menswear Autumn/Winter Fashion Week has highlighted a renewed interest in rich, warm colours and materials that are perfect for inspiring our wardrobes. These are the top street style trends for the colder months.

Emerald Green

The street style scene worldwide has embraced the favourable colour of emerald green. With its versatility and depth, Emerald green, when paired alongside other traditional hues, is the perfect staple for autumn/winter wardrobes. This colour is great for accessories and jackets, but it has been rediscovered in suits. You can adopt the trend in tailored suits, and don’t be afraid to use a brighter version of the colour to enhance your modern appeal. You can also add a splash of colour to your casual wear with emerald green scarves.


Tartan, a pattern reminiscent of school uniforms, has been rediscovered as a popular choice for street style. It’s most prominently featured in bold suits with this classic design. For a bolder take on tartan, experiment with brighter colours. Some of the bolder tartan colours that will make an impact include reds, mustards, and bright greens. A bright tartan blazer is a great choice as a focal point for your outfits. Accessorize accordingly with simple pieces that will maintain a youthful silhouette.

Floral Print

The floral print has been a popular choice for jackets and shirts. It is also found in many street-style looks in various levels of brightness and boldness. Although florals can seem overwhelming to most men, they can add depth and dimension to your look. You can also bring the warmer feel of spring/summer to wintery looks, adding brightness and colour in the colder months. You can incorporate slim ties with vivid floral prints into your suits for a simple version of the trend.


Shearling is a popular street fur, continuing the trend of highly textured furs. Shearling was seen in lighter tones alongside tans and softer browns. These colours are great for winter, but you should be open to changing your look with shearling. For a timeless look, try pairing the trend with denim pieces. This is especially great for casual wear.

Felt Fedoras

A felt fedora hat is a popular staple among the autumn/winter seasonal staples. A fedora hat is an elegant nod to older-school fashion. The classic colours black, brown and charcoal are timeless and reliable. Brightly coloured fedoras can also add a little colour to even the most basic outfits. You should also be open to new styles of fedoras. This will allow you to update your wardrobe easily but visually appealing.

Statement gloves

A great pair of gloves is essential for colder seasons. Gloves are useful in keeping hands warm in cold weather and can also change your aesthetic. Leather gloves can be worn with a retro look. They add dimension and shine while also giving the glove a vintage feel. Knitted and woollen gloves are a fun way to play with the trend. This trend can be adopted in many ways, but it is important to remember what occasion you are dressing for and choose the right glove.

Fur/Faux Fur

As seen on streets worldwide, fur has been prominently featured in coat options. This trend can be interpreted in many ways, regardless of whether you are pro-fur or against it. Please take advantage of the warmth it offers for the colder months. Our top tip: Our top tip? Lighter furs can be used to stand out against dark outfits, creating a focal point. This trend is not about colour. A relaxed approach and less is more essential.

Shawl Neck Cardigans

A quality shawl neck cardigan is the one piece of clothing you will most definitely need during winter. A shawl neck cardigan is perfect for keeping you warm in winter. A shawl neck cardigan will add an interesting touch to a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit. It will give your look a more personal touch, whether you are going out to dinner or watching a movie. We found that shawl necks cardigans worn over turtlenecks or other cable knit styles are a common street style look.

Statement jackets

Jackets tend to feature bold graphics and statement slogans. Even though they are often made in vivid colours and other unusual textures. Statement jackets are more than just statement jackets. Statement jackets are jackets that feature bold graphics and literal statements. This is street fashion’s playful approach to sartorial propaganda. This trend requires you to be committed to your look. Bolder jackets can be paired with more classic pieces for more casual looks.

Fashionable Sweaters

Whether it’s a cartooned design or a retro advertisement, novelty sweaters are a fun way to add personality to even the most basic of outfits. You can adapt novelty sweaters to suit your style. They can be worn in traditional ways by choosing traditional and versatile colours. Marle greys are great for pairing with the ground look, making your outfits less wild and crazy.