It’s now that 2021 is over, so it’s time for us to look back on the fashion year. This year was full of fashion trends, from statement sleeves to pyjama dresses, and we will not forget them anytime soon. We loved how minimal casual wear elevated street style to a whole new level in 2021. 2021’s fashion trends were bold and unexpected but also relaxed and casual. They have all the right sartorial boxes. You may be wondering which of these trends will still tick boxes in 2022. Here’s a rundown of which trends you should keep in your wardrobe in the new year and which ones you should retire.

Statement sleeves – (Staying).

Statement sleeves were undoubtedly one of the most popular trends in 2021, and they are expected to continue into 2022. New shapes are emerging, while bell and off-the-shoulder styles remain the most popular in shops and streets. This statement trend is perfect for layering with drop sleeves. They add a relaxed, oversized feel to the look and make it more wearable. Tie sleeves maximize detail and push this look into new territory. Split sleeves are expected to become the next must-have style in 2019. Split styles allow you to reinterpret this trend by removing fabric and not adding it.

Ruffles and folds – (Staying).

The Spring/Summer 2022 runways were dominated by folds and ruffles, which proved that they would be big in the new year. Although the trend has seen a lot of popularity in recent months, it is still very much in its infancy. As this trend grows, you can expect even more from it next year. Fashion will no longer define ruffles as a delicate frill or slight wave at the hem. It will be a new, unmissable and unusual form of fabric manipulation in 2022. This trend will soon be extending beyond clothes and into footwear and bags.

Unexpected Layering – (Staying).

Fashion loves the unexpected and will continue to embrace the modern layering trend well into 2019. Although it started in 2021 with a reincarnation of the slip dress and T-shirt of the ’90s, this trend has since evolved into something entirely new. Layering is a new and exciting trend that blurs boundaries and redefines boundaries. Layering is a mix of retro and modern, relaxed with tailored, and continually deconstructing and reconstructing design. It has been reinterpreted as an abstract art that can be beautiful and elegant. Layers of fabrics that express different styles can be combined to create a completely new fabric. Longer silhouettes can be wrapped up in structured designs and bound to create unique shapes.

Plisse and Pleated Garments – (Staying).

Pleated skirts were everywhere on the runways and streets in 2021. The pleated trend will be a constant in 2022. However, its focus will shift from the simple skirt to plisse pants, tops and dresses. In 2021, this trend was very popular. Long plisse culottes will continue to be a popular investment piece due to their long, loose silhouette. Metallics will still be a popular choice for this style. However, you can also expect to see other gentler hues.

Pyjama Trend (Staying).

It may seem like a fairytale, but pyjamas were huge in 2021. This trend will continue into 2022 and evolve into a more luxurious version. This trend’s fabric side is elevated to new heights with luxurious velvets, silks and silks, and natural linens. The wide-leg silhouettes are made more comfortable by the wide-leg style. While the sophisticated appearance of pyjamas paired with structured daywear gives it a refined look, its softer shapes allow for silhouettes to be larger. This trend is elevated by adding patterns such as stripes and checks.