Bell Sleeve

Bell sleeves are one of the most popular trends in recent fashion weeks. The bell sleeve worn on the shoulder and flares out to the wrist is still the same but completely different. The new bell sleeves are modern and chic. Bell sleeves can be worn with anything, from sleek dresses to trendy tops to quirky knits. Bell sleeves should be a bit more extravagant when shopping. Flares with extra-wide sleeves, modern, structured fabrics, flares that tie at your elbow, and ruffle designs, are key pieces to purchase this season. Keep the rest of your look simple once you have your statement bell sleeves. This look can be completed with a simple silhouette in neutral colours.

Bishop Sleeves

Bell sleeves are sleek and sophisticated, but bishop sleeves are soft and feminine. Bishop sleeves are often paired with beautiful dresses and can be a distinctive feature. This style is best worn in sheer fabrics like chiffon or lace. It balloons to the lower arm and then gathers into a cuff at your wrist. There are two ways to style this statement sleeve. The first style embraces the bohemian, relaxed look of the sleeves and carries the style throughout the outfit. The second contrast loose sleeves with clean, sharp fabrics and designs to make them look more tailored and modern.

Flounce sleeves

Flounce sleeves are slightly shorter than bell sleeves but have a similar silhouette. Attaching a piece of circular-cut fabric separate from the sleeves creates this style. Flounce sleeves have a ruffle effect, thanks to this. Flaunt sleeves come in many sizes this season. There were simple, lightweight designs that flared towards the wrist. Then there were more dramatic styles that had large ruffles at the elbows. Regardless of their size, both were trendy and made a statement. Pair tops with small ruffles and shirts with casual styles like jeans and low-heeled sneakers to wear this trend. Large, dramatic flounce sleeves are best for standout dresses or when you want to “look at me”.

Ruffle Sleeves

Statement-making ruffle sleeves can be a great alternative to flounce sleeves. These sleeves are loud, colourful and love attention. These sleeves were seen on the streets at the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Shows and have not been removed from our minds since. You can choose from different sizes and types of ruffles to create different versions of this trend. These sleeves can be made to indicate whether they are completely covered or just below the elbow. Avoid bright colours and patterns, and instead, opt for simple black and white colours. You can pair your ruffle sleeves shirt with simple styles such as straight-leg, cropped trousers. This simple style will make your look more stylish than over the top.

Extra-long sleeves

Although they may not be practical, extra-long sleeves seem to be very much in fashion right now. Extra-long sleeves, which appear oversized and extended, have been a trendy “rough around the edges” statement in many fashion week outfits. As they dominate street style, these sleeves are now a staple in button-ups, casual knitwear, and glamorous dresses. Extra-long sleeves look great when worn with simple items. Wear yours with simple black or blue jeans. Remember that long sleeves can draw the eye down, making you appear shorter, so wear heels.