Mothers should give girls good advice starting at an early age that can help support positive body image and self-acceptance.

63% of the girls think about their appearance constantly or many times a day versus 55% for younger girls. Only 36% of older girls consider themselves pretty or beautiful, compared with 41% of younger girls. And older girls worry about weight compared with younger girls.

As girls grow into teens dissatisfaction and preoccupation with appearance increases. Mothers try to help girls take good care of their bodies and like their looks.
About 90% of girls say their mothers are beautiful and the feeling is mutual.

Many similarities between how they view themselves is greatly influenced by a mother’s self-image.

If you want to help improve your daughter´s outlook, start with your own. Avoid criticizing how you look or how others look.  Advice your girl to eat the right things, exercise, and take it easy on herself.

Show your daughter how good is to take care of ourselves, punctuate the great qualities about a person that are more important.

Compliment her on the things she’s good at and enjoys, but most of all let your daughter know you think she’s beautiful.