Best Before and After Pictures of Kate Middleton

Click to enlarge all the pictures you see hereKate Middeton when she was a University Student

This is Kate in 2003 VS Miss Middleton one day before her royal wedding.

Kate Middleton

I can observe a few differences: Hair is different, maybe because she changed her hairstylist.

Weight is different and hands are different, now she has the ring.

This is how she has been evolving in the last years.

Kate Middleton

These are the images of how she her shape has changed in the last 6 months at the engagement ceremony and a few days before the big day when I published the information about the diet Kate and her mum are following.

Kate Middleton has los weight

What I have learned from publishing these pictures is that nobody is born perfect. Even Kate has gone through a weight loss battle and now she is living under the pressure of being perfect. However, her skin is not perfect, her hair is not naturally perfect and she did have to go through bad times.

The price of being the Prince’s wife is high, Kate Middleton received ‘counselling’ sessions to prepare her for royal life and help her cope with a husband who must put crown and country before his wife, published the Daily Mail in the UK.

Prince William’s fiancee is also understood to be receiving lessons in etiquette and protocol in the complex and archaic workings of the Royal Family.

Kate Middleton Before and After Cosmetic Treatments

A very visible treatment that we can see Kate has gone through is a Cosmetic Dental Teeth Whitening.

Scroll down to see Before and After PicturesKate Middleton Teeth

Rhinoplasty for Kate?

Kate Middleton Before and After

Although I believe her nose looks very natural her face has changed probably due to weight loss but expers say tha she has gone through Nose Cosmetic Surgery.

Here are some more pictures of her where we can see that her nose looks reshaped

Kate Middleton Nose Job

What About A Boob Job?

I didn’t think she had one but know I have started to suspect. In the latest pictures where she looks very thin her breasts haven’t shrinked. Has she got implants?

Kate Middleton Breast Enlargement?

Kate’s Abs

Kate Middleton

The first picture was taken in 2002 when first spotted Middleton as she walked the runway of a student fashion show wearing a sheer dress.

Kate’s Mum

This is Kate’s mother before and after loosing weight.

Kate's Mum

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Before and After

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